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PINK FRIDAY is Founder's Own Version of the Depressing Black Friday.


#814. ~Here ComeS the L.O.V.E~





FREE TO THE HOMELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Be Sure to Notice: Free to the Homeless!!!!! ( Mjibco we break the bread n vegan fishes)..my stance on Black Friday full of corporate greed and materialism while the poor are ignored ! Yes. Free bracelets( #814) to the homeless on my Pink Friday .. just find a sponsor pay the shipping ...email Mjibco for details .. and share this before fans waste dollars on Black Friday with more material objects they probably don't even need. But the homeless could use the L.o.v.e.



So be sure to do this ok? Order the free bracelet ( #814.) inquire shipping cost instead of spending on notorious Black Friday so u can Give the bracelet out to a homeless person for Christmas!! Thankyou!! # 814.~Here Comes the L.O.V.E~




Find a sponsor to pay the shipping for you and email:Magical@mjinnocencebracelets.com


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