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Baby Darling

Quotes Dear Lin hello. And hello to ALL of you The bracelets just arrived today... As always, they are so BEAUTIFUL! Thank you SO much <3 And I want to send a special thanks for the free one. I just LOVE them all <3 All of my bracelets from you are on my lil altar. So they are always included when I pray and all of you are always with me <3 L.O.V.E. Yours T. <3 Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much for the bracelets I received, my favourites are the no. 42 MJMajesty and also Devotion, which I wear most days. All of them are so well made and when I first received I thought, be very careful with them as some seem so delicate...but they are so easy to wear and look great! I recently received also the new T-Shirts which are extra special and I feel special wearing them also as they are a great fit and again very well-made :) Thank you so much, I am so pleased and will definitely be placing another order for bracelets soon. God Bless You. xxx Quotes
Very Happy Customer

Quotes Dearest Bubba, dearest Linda Today the parcels arrived... I have got my picture and the crystals... Bubba, the picture and the frame are just wonderful. You have chosen exactly the right framework for this. I have a very special place for it. Every time I see it, I feel so much joy in my heart. Thank you dear Bubba. Thank you from my deepest heart. :) ♥ Linda, the crystals are so beautiful and very spezial. The little one I carry with me on my heart. And the big one is a very special one. I looked at it from all sides after I had it in my hands... It wears a heart INside!!! Yes, IN the crystal at ONE spot there is a light shaped in the form of a heart!!! It is illuminated and shines in the most beautiful colors of a rainbow!!! WOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you ... THANK YOU JUST FOR EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for your wonderful soul! Thank you for you are YOU! :) ♥ God bless you, Sherine ♥♥♥ Quotes
Dearest Bubba, dearest Linda THANK YOU

Quotes WE Love You All. Quotes

Quotes When I placed my first order with MJIB I really thought it would be my one and only. I loved my bracelets, #42 MJ Majesty, #599 The title cannot be made public (this one is exquisitely different, just beautiful) and # 421 spooked out (a surprise) Those were hard enough to choose with so many beautiful designs, then came along # 622 Peace Love and Equality (the new left wrist 24/7) and # 625 Something Iz Brewin and well all was decided there was going to be a second order :). I love them all, but I think PLE may be my new favorite. I love PLE's design and what it stands for. If your thinking about ordering, go ahead take the plunge you won't regret it. Because it is more than just buying a bracelet. They are a symbol that you are willing to stand up for someone, for what is right, that we can unite as one for any reason and succeed together. It's changing the world one bracelet at a time :). Quotes
Peace Love and Equality and Something Iz Brewin...

Quotes Linda, I just recieved my bracelet from the contest i won ..! When i held it in my hands i felt L.O.V.E. an amazing feeling! its beauty its unbelievable ! I love it! the words cant explain my feelings.!!!! i am speechlesss with ur amazing work!!!!! Thank you Dear Linda for everything!!!! I LOVE YOU FROM THE DEEPEST OF MY HEART! the sourve of ur creativity is ur heart!!!! I LOVE EVETYHING U HAVE DONE!!! thank u from the bottom of my heart!!! Always yours, Nikoleta!!!! Quotes
Always Yours

Quotes oday I received my lovely bracelet. I'm so happy! This is wonderful! Thank you, you gave me the opportunity to hear MJ closer to me. And I'm happy to have helped someone in need. I also love the whole package is so cheerful. I like the decorations! Thanks so much!! I will wear it forever! God bless you!! 🤗 Quotes
MikyBeLIEver75 Jackson
From Italy!! March 2016

Quotes I found this site I have no idea how. I wanted to feel close to MJ & his humanitarian work. I saw fake sites. As I looked through the items & read I knew this was the RD. My 1st purchase was a set of 4 bracelets. You really need to get them. The very 1st one Innocence, Forever Innocent, No difference between Black or White & Victory-MJ. The package arrived sooner than I expected with the little pieces of love I put on the bracelets & felt this "magic" I am not joking. I felt so happy & jubilant. The bracelets gave me a lovlie feeling of a wave of calm throughout my entire being. ( they may need some more tink dust) I wore them for so many years Than I ordered the BeLIEve t shirt that was something new. Why these beauties didn't sell out, beyond me. The finest cotton I ever felt. I am talking unbelievable quality soft & silky. I am afraid to wear mine a lot as there are no more. I adore that shirt & the #42 that I emailed a lot of praise for it used to be here. It is so beautiful. Quotes
The Bracelets & Tee shirt so beautiful ( customer)

Quotes As many as my country songs said: I am pro Freedom. Pro-Peace. Many ppl will think that my vids are "violent". Do not lie to yourselves...read between the lines. Image is just to SELL but LYRYCS (that's why i Translated them) are the PROOFS that my country , my ppl, MYSELF...we wil NEVER allow Violence. NEVER AGAIN. My country is not different. We have corruption, bad ppl, violence. BUT WE WILL CHANGE THAT!! (and I am still recruiting a GREAT Army of PEACE and LOVE. Quotes
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