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Quotes Yesterday I received my first bracelet .... it's beautiful!!! Isn't it??? .... I'm so proud to wear it on my left wrist!!! ... Now, I think I'm ready for my next ones ... :D ... Thank you very much Linda, for all you're doing ... the packaging was amazing!!!! God bless you! Quotes
Thank-you very much Linda

Quotes Dear Linda, I received my bracelets yesterday and if you knew what it made me .... I'm so happy, it represents so much to me! They are wonderful, I wanted to thank you for everything, everything you do for Him, for us, you're a wonderful soul, and without knowing you, I can feel your vibration through your work, just a quick note to say that I LOVE YOU, and you feel proud of these bands, You're now a part of me, put on my handle .... we are Unit Lending IT I love you dear Linda we love you Michael Pamela http://twitter.com/kopain95 Quotes
From Pamela

Quotes I have just received my first order of MJ bracelets, there will be more orders to follow, and I just love them all.....I will wear them with pride, especially knowing that the ones I ordered are duplicates of the ones Michael wore!!! Thank you for the beautiful work that you do and also thank you for the free bracelet.......it's funny that you sent the Devotion bracelet, as I had that one in my first order and then took it off and thought I'll place it in my next order.........it's like someone was watching over me to make sure that I got it!!! I LOVE THEM and I'm already looking to order my next ones!!! When I put them on, I cried and then felt such joy and excitement in my heart............thank you so much.......I'm so happy that I found this wonderful, loving and inspirational place to be that's absolutely filled with L.O.V.E. God Bless You All!!! Debbie in Canada Quotes

Quotes This is your first site Linda, and that's what I knew first ... the first that came in my veins, in my heart, the one I loved the first and the first where I saw my beloved and sweet Michael! Dear Linda, I'll never have enough words to tell you how grateful I am for letting me join this wonderful world. Being in contact with people like you, help to grow and improve, to find the strength to go on difficulties and rediscover the true values of life. I wish you all good and constant happiness. My heart is full of Love for everyone and Michael is the best prove of what Love is! This is a simple power..the power of a PURE soul, the power of a GOD child, the power of a man that LOVED and still LOVE so much...this is the POWER OF LOVE - L.O.V.E Quotes

Quotes I have received my new bracelets. They are incredibly beautiful. I am delighted. They have magic. Wearing them 24 / 7:). Only in the shower when i pulling them out. Thank you very much for your work, they really are works of art. Thank you Quotes

Quotes Hi Dears, Can you feel it? Just wanted to say how much I adore this place: the comfort, the peace & the LOVE AND the messages, if you just look at bracelets names, you get it!!! LOVE and Thank you, Admin for YOUR love love you, ilona Quotes

Quotes HELLO It's 17th June, a sad day for me because my step mum passed away on this day in 2002. But I just received my bracelets in the mail, so i am happy now. I love these bracelets, they are better than diamonds! Thank you for sending the 'Neverland Carnival' bracelet for free with my order. Oh my gosh i wish i could have all of them! lol L.O.V.E Danielle. Quotes
from Danielle

Quotes I cant wait for receiving my wonderful bracelets and im very happy that i am helping those who are needed.TY and GBY Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I would like say thank you to Admin for the beautiful bracelets I have received. I loved them. Now I have 4!!! I'm very proud of being part of this family, very proud of having found you. Lin you are a very special person to me, thank you so much for your hard job. God bless you and people around you. Cris Quotes

Quotes I L.O.V.E. MJIB Short, but powerful Love always, R Quotes
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