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Created  By "The Budster!" & ABP On: 3.11.11

For a Relief Fund for the Earthquake & Tsunami  that Hit Japan on 3.11.11. 50% of the Proceed(S) will be Allocated to Such. Watch for Announcements on both MJINNOCENCEBRACELETS  & MJJMAKEIT!

Once again, we have both girl's and boy's designs; only this time, you buy them separately as one unit due to the charity involved. Thank-you.


To represent the famous cherry blossoms of Japan, in crystals and charoite.


To represent the Flag of Japan & the Relief that will Be Needed in the Area, in

White Rabbit Jade, Red Sea Coral & Black Stone.

Keep a Prayer Wave Going..God Bless You.

Roughly, $20 USD. will go to the Japan E/T Relief and Be Announced, with Receipts  on the Site(S ).

For those who want to help but cannot afford to!:

Watch for an announcement to barter any  clean, good condition  angelic/ magical Family-safe backgrounds/ props for our design  photography! In exchange for Bracelets!!! Start searching your attics, basements, yard sales, etc. WE will allocate a donation for each really beautiful prop that comes in!!!

Now, how's THAT for Imagination?:D


pls. measure your wrist size exactly.

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