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#655. ~Africa is Beauty~


"The Budster!" Title, Concept & Design!!! (& ABP Design).

African Bloodstone, SW Crystals & Red Sea Coral.

We had to make a special trip to our suppliers today for the African Bloodstone as the original shipment was lost in the mail! But we are glad we went for them..the results are gorgeous!:D This Design comes with the "EXACT WORD(S)" Story !!

(photography prop(S) not included).

Don't miss this one, guy(S)!!!

This Design is Very HIStorical & Intensely Special for "The Budster!" & ABP because it emanate(S) from both of US . The 2nd. Photo embrace(S) a drawing made by ABP in one of her original travel diarie(S).

God Bless You.

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