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 These are HIS Authentic MJINNOCENCEBRACELETS. Proudly worn by MJJ in the 2009 This is It Movie!
 We Support Needy Children in Africa and Peru since 2006!

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The RD Office would like to REMIND THE WORLD That You are To Judge Not!

I am especially upset over the callous, unthinking yapping going on this week regarding the hard- hitting new track, Do You Know Where Your Children Are? on MJJ's New Album, Xcape.

I am proud of MICHAEL for taking a bold stand against all the broken homes and uncaring parents out there.  To become a Parent is God's Greatest Blessing and as such, the Children have a Divine Right to be brought up with Strong Moral Values and in an Environment that is Safe and Nurtured, with Respect to the Outcome of the Soul.

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The time has come to let people know what we have been doing over the last couple year's.

"Because of your donation's, and purchases of the ever popular IB bracelet's we have been able to sponsor hungry and resourceless children, we were able to provide a motherless child the tool's needed for school and a job. We were able to keep line's of communication open between a family and their son who is currently far away.

We have been providing for the needy for many year's and just recently picked up children from the United States among other countries. We are so blessed to have your support and love for all these year's. It is a beautiful thing to be able to give back to the community. Everything we accomplish has been done in the Lord's name. We are trying to acheive the work of the Lord on Earth.

I would like to personally Thank all of my "IB" family for your dedicated support and understanding. In recent time's our sales have taken a slump but we are confident we are going to be able to still provide for those in need.

In other news... we are working on creating a more accessible charity to the greater masses. The people we have helped were brought to us by friends, family, church organization's among various other avenues. We are in the process of making a new website where people may submit application's of consideration for our help. We cannot do this though without the help of your family of supporter's. We are working soley off donation's and bracelet sale's. We would like to ask of you that you give us idea's of item's or designs you would be interested in purchasing so we can better serve you.

Please feel free to contact us with any question's or comment's. It may take up to 72 hour's to receive a reply. God Bless You."


-The Highest Pinnacle(S) From BEHIND the CURTAIN!!!!!

On Behalf of IB's Founder: Miss. Linda McLaughlin


~MJIB~Co. Productions



TO:IB, Family, Friends, Brothers and Sisters:

For nearly a decade IB and it's Founder, Miss. Linda Mc Laughlin, have been a heavy support to not only the Jackson family but many people around the world.
With 45 Nations internationally being blessed by the hard work of IB, we are  very proud to be associated with such an amazing organization of selfless, caring individuals who have taken on the daunting challenge of helping the homeless, lost and hurt souls of our great land.
The dream Mr. Michael J. Jackson shared with IB Founder, Miss. Linda McLaughlin was one of Togetherness between the Nations. A healing  of our wounded planet bringing it to the harmonious beginnings as it was created for. In the later years of MJ's life, IB was grateful enough to have many conversations with the Man Himself, and other member's of his Association and family.
After the public eye lost a great brother, IB has kept it's promise to the Jackson family, fans  and supporters of the cause of "Togetherness".
Today is a new day. IB is proud to unveil many new developments and ideas to the public. Keeping the promises made between brother Michael and Miss. Linda McLaughlin, 2Getherness is the Name of  our New Initiative. Promoting the reunificiation of people will be the main objective. Bringing people together to share life experiences, share good times, and bringing families closer together. If the world has learned only one thing from Mr. Jackson, it's that his Love of the family unit must be upheld. It was Linda's proudest moments being able to talk to Mr. Jackson about his children, parenting and being with family and friends.
We invite you to Honor the Legend with us and make an effort to reconnect with your loved ones and strangers who need our love. It may not  be an easy task, but the greatest accomplishments in life were never taken on in a single day.
Taking the time out of your day to say "hello" to a neighbor, eating dinner as a family, teaching our children the morals and values our society has lost, these are the first steps we are taking in our effort of 2Getherness.
We will be helping anyone and everyone who is willing to join us. Our website will be a source of information regarding different ways to connect with people. Every week, we will have a new lesson to be learned about the greatness of our 2Getherness, each member can post video's of their experiences. We will have prayer requests, and in time and with the help of our supporters, we will be able to offer much more. this is the beginning of something wonderful.
Our Merchandise will be updated and from each sale, a percentage will go to charity and the rest will be put back into our efforts with 2Getherness. IB Bracelets, Arm Bands, Robes, Food Packages and many more new and exciting products will be available to purchase. donations are always welcomed and appreciated.
A Brief HIStory:
 IB was created in Vancouver, B.C. Canada nearly a decade ago. It originally began as a fansite to MJ during his criminal trial in California. Jewelry was made and sold around the world with proceeds going to the Jackson family to help with legal costs. During that time the Creator, Miss. Linda McLaughlin, was introduced on many occasions to Mr. Jackson and a friendship began. Their love of people, and the agreement on the deterioration of the family unit and togetherness between people, turned the efforts of IB from not just a fansite, but a global phenomenon, as it is today.
Having personally reached 45 different countries around the world, IB has given thousands of dollars to charity, sponsored children in Africa and has given much needed educational supplies to disadvantaged children in a handful of countires.
For nearly ten years, Linda has done all this while raising three beautiful children, one of them disabled. None of it could have been done without the love and support of the Jackson family, and it's many brothers and sisters around the globe. We Thank All of You for Your Support & Loyalty.
 To become a Member, please send an email to the address below. We ask you to write to us and let us know why it is important that we all learn to re-connect with one another.