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The Winning Essay in the "Why I Joined ~MJIB~Co. " Contest: 7.08.10

Hello everyone! 

Is Laura, an italian "girl" who has always supported and loved Michael since the beginning of his remarkable career and consequently, following the various vicissitudes that unfortunately have marked his life, especially the conspiracy perpetrated against him since 1993 and ended on the last shameful and absurd process that began in 2003 and ended in 2005 with full acquittal and declaration of INNOCENCE! 

At that time, during the last trial, I remember Michael wear very special bracelets, of different shapes and colors, and also in subsequent years, until rehearsal of TII.

I've always been fascinated by the dress of Michael, from his style, elegant and perfect for any occasion and these bracelets, always accompanied him, whether it was a gala event, which is just coming out for a walk, so I started to ask myself, what meaning might have for him. I had guessed that they were extremely important for him and that he rarely separated. 

My desire was to use the same power bracelets to create that connection was missing between me and him, because, despite the knowledge that I might have regarding his person, both as an artist as a human being, I've never been able to know him personally, shake his hand, tell him how much I respect him, love him and how he was and still is important in my life, than my life, thanks to him, was improved, how I've grown to love.

So I started looking under "bracelets worn by Michael and I found some references in mjinnocencebracelets.com! 

I went to see the page and then I got a chock! I got a shiver down my spine, tears began to fall continuously, I was incredulous in front of the home page! "HIS" voice was there, who accompanied me on the journey, his presence, so strong, seemed to want to exit the screen!

Michael was there with me, and for the first time, it was as if I had known him personally! I will never forget that day!

Finally, I discovered the meaning of the bracelets......I say no more, who is already here, knows what I'm talking about, just add a symbolic word ........LOVE, so much LOVE for The Man, as Mr. Michael JOE JAckson!

Of course I immediately entered the site and I immediately bought some of the bracelets worn by HIM and others which referred to HIS INNOCENCE.

I discovered, in the Admin of the site, a sweet person, who, with humility and perseverance has made a strong contribution to safeguarding the image and the person of Michael, his unquestionable INNOCENCE and also help those most in need, following the example of our Sweetheart, our Hero! 

Since then, I discovered a new world, the world of Michael and his sweet family, where basic rule is that Love and Respect towards our Beloved Michael, love and respect to all, without distinction of sex, culture, religion, color!

With this wonderful, humble and lovable family, now finally, I feel good and I'm happy! 

Thanks Linda, I love you.

Thanks Michael, thanks for all the love you have given me over the years, you always left me speechless! 

Yours forever!

God Bless.

#545. ~Memories Keep You Near~

Hiya :)
I'm so sorry for the late reply - i just got back from Fiji last night, it was a service trip for school to help children at Lelean School -
So Bulla Vinaka in Fijian! (big thankyou)
I'm so happy that i won, and want to thank you soooo much for choosing my name for the bracelet!!
You brightened up my day <3


Congratulations Samantha C. of New Zealand!

Name #545.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6.05.10

The next bracelet design coming up will be #545!

Can you name it?

The title must reflect the currrent atmosphere in the MJ Fan World as you see it, ~MJIB~Co. related.

Family-Safe & Sacred Space only. It also must not be a repeat of titles already designed.

The very best title will win!!!One of the newest bracelets (surprise only).!!

Contest begins tonight, 6.05.10 7 pm. Neverland Time and Ends 7 pm.  Neverland Time. 6.12.10

Winner announced  on 6.13.10.





Good Luck!!


~MJIB~Co. Productions ゥ



Hi Linda,
I received my gift pak today and THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. I love it!! Bracelets, notes block and the key holder. This is amazing!! :)

Happy Contest Winner!

Hi Linda,
I just received my egg, "be ready" and my 501! They are WONDERFUL, I love them!
The egg is gorgeous and bracelets too, I already wear them.
And I noticed it was quite well-packed ;)
Thank you so much Linda, the connection is stronger everytime I received new bracelets.
Thank you sooo much Linda, See you next order.
LOVE and God bless You!

Win!! #471. ~Be Ready~!!!!!:And the Winner Is!!...

Congratulations! Emylie of Begium!!!! She has Won!!!

See her gorgeous list of new titles on:




UPDATE:  #505. has already been named; pls. start your Contest Lists at #506. 

Which ever Serious MJJ / ~MJIB~Co. Fan sends us the longest list of New (Family- Safe & Sacred Space MJINNOCENCEBRACELETS. TM

We reserve the legal right to use the titles in our websites and companies.

They may not be transfered outside of ~MJIB~Co. Productions.ゥ


Wins #471.!!!, including the Jasper Egg!  A  $112.50 USD. Value!


BUT..the Titles must be typed exactly as shown with all the other 504 Titles on ~BRACELETS HEAVEN~ page:

ie. #1. ~Innocence~

So that we  can easily copy and paste the winning list on the above quoted page!

At the end of your list, type: Titles c/o Your name and country.

The FIRST one on the list should be a new #506..and so forth.

The Titles must all comply with our strict policies of Family-Safe & Sacred Space.


Any non-appropriate titles will not be counted.


Contest begins NOW! 12 Noon P.S.T. 4.10.10 and Ends  12 Midnight P.S.T.  Sunday 4.11.10.


Winner wil lbe announced on this page!


Good Luck!


Send entry lists to: Magical@mjinnocencebracelets.com



Why do  we offer such generous prizes? Why not?


Most Recent Contest Winner!

 Dear Linda,

My surprise parcel arrived today and I am speechless.
When I opened it, it felt as if it was my birthday.
I didn't know what to open first :P
The mask and the bracelets are so beautiful.
And when I saw the fancy pre-made bracelet, I was in total shock,
It is gorgeous!

Although I have never met you in person, I really feel that you are my friend.

You have a big heart and you are one of the most loving human beings I have ever known.

Thank you so much for everything.

Love always,