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Goodbye, Godfather of Soul. Hey! Is that you? WE KNEW YOU WON'T GO FAR! 


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JB is Gone BUT MJ is NOT!

Michael Jackson speaks at James Brown's funeral

~I Got That Feeling~




Created in Memory of the Godfather of Soul!!



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"I'm going away tonight." - JB : 5.03.33 - 12.25.06

James Brown

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Brown was admitted to the Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia on December 24, 2006 after a dentist visit where he was found to have severe pneumonia.[9] Brown died the next day on December 25, 2006, Christmas Day, at around 1:45 a.m. (06:45 UTC) aged 73. [10] The cause of death was heart failure, according to his agent. [1] James was quoted saying "I'm going away tonight" sometime before he passed away. He then took three long, quiet breaths, and closed his eyes.[1] Brown's body rested on the stage of legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, the site of his debut. A private ceremony was held in Brown's hometown of Augusta, Georgia and another public ceremony was officiated by Rev. Al Sharpton, a day later at the James Brown Arena there.







~Michael Loves You ~

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Rev. Al Sharpton, ~Michael Jackson~, Rev. Jesse Jackson

~MICHAEL JACKSON'S SPEECH 12.30.06 James Brown Arena, Augusta, Georgia USA



What I'm gonna say is brief and to the point

James Brown is my greatest inspiration

Ever sinceI was a small child

No more than 6 years old

My mother would wake me no matter what time... if I was sleeping... no matter whatI was doing... to go watch the master at work

And when I saw him move I was mesmerized

I never saw a preformer move like James Brown and right at that moment I knew
that is what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

Because of James Brown

(fans screeming)

Michael: I love u

James Brown.. I will miss you and I love you so much and thank you for everything

God bless u

And I love u

(fans screaming)


Michael Jackson says Goodbye to The Godfather of Soul

Mr. Michael Jackson, making a rare public appearance in America, said goodbye tothe legendary Godfather~ of Soul, Dr. James Brown on Saturday. Michael Jackson, along with civil rights leaders, entertainers, and fans attended the Home-Going Celebration held at The James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia. Dr. James Brown's music and message embodied a generation of revolutionary change for black Americans.

Michael Jackson entered the funeral to a thunderous applause as James Brown's band, The Soul Generals and Bittersweet performed Mr. Brown's hits to a crowd of 9,000.

In his third costume change in three days, The "Godfather of Soul," was dressed in a black suit and gloves with a ruby red shirt. Jewels sparkled on his lapels and at the tips of his shoes. His body laid in an open-topped 24 Karat gold coffin in front of the stage.

In a rousing eulogy/tribute to James Brown, civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton spoke of his last conversation with James, which included a discussion about Michael Jackson.

"James said to me ... 'I love Michael.' He said, 'Tell him do not worry about coming home. They always scandalize those that have the talent. But tell him we need to clean up the music and I want Michael and all of them that imitated me to come back and lift the music back."'

"I do not care what the media says tonight, James Brown wanted Michael Jackson with him here today," Sharpton said in a booming voice. Sharpton then invited Michael Jackson onstage where Michael gave a brief speech.

"James Brown is my greatest inspiration." Jackson said, telling the crowd how his mother would wake him up at night so he could watch Brown on television.

   "Ever since I was a small child, no more than 6 years old, my mother would wake me no matter what time, even if I were sleeping, no matter what I was doing, to go watch the master at work." Jackson said. "And when I saw him move I was mesmerized!"

"I've never seen a performer perform like James Brown and I knew right then and there that, that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life," he said.

Throughout the ceremony, Michael comforted James Brown's family, friends, and loved ones and they comforted him as well.

He had 119 hits including "Please, Please, Please," "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag," "It's a Man's World," "Living in America," and Brown became a living embodiment of black pride with "Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)."

Dr. James Brown (Who received his doctorate during the funeral) performed more than 100 live shows this year and he was due to perform on New Year's Eve in New York's Times Square.

We at MJJForum.com sends our heartfelt condolences, love, and support to The Brown Family. Rest In Peace, Godfather Of Soul!

Source: Reuters /MJJForum.com


~ABP~'s Own Reaction to the Passing of JB!

 The passing of Mr. James Brown affects me in very deep and profoundly moving ways. I have been reliving my own painful memories of my own father passing  17 years ago, also from pneumonia . Dad had terminal cancer and when the pneumonia settled in, the cancer and Dad's allergy to penicillin was just too much. I was there with him  until he died.. From the moment Dad passed, his spirit  soared over us and followed my Mother  and I home!

All my childhood, I was listening to Afro- Root Music ..-James Brown!!, Motown, Calypso and everytime" little Michael "came on the stage on the Ed Sullivan show--Dad would pull me out of my room, from wherever I was in the house, from whatever I was doing, to see  little Michael  "sing &dance!! Dad would be  practically dancing himself in his armchair, exclaiming, "He's the same age as you, Linda. Just look at "little Michael "dance!"

and there is more...

I am always a subject of riducule myself. No, it is not trying to be like MJ that I must use a black umbrella in the sun. It is BECAUSE my eyes are medically determined to be extremely photophobic! I have tried all kinds of prescription sunglasses and always end up returning them to the store as the sun STILL gets into my eyes from above. I am now managing with transition lenses and the umbrella.
To make this story even more amazing---I am the product of a very mixed family heritage that includes the Celts of both Ireland and Scotland AND a past Grandmother who was Black! My parents never told me why there was so much Black Culture in our White household--until one day, when I was 14, I asked my Aunt why I get so dark in the summer--and it was then she told me of my distant Grandmother who was a Slave in Alabama!

My Dad was the Best ~MJ~ Fan I ever knew If he had still been alive, you better believe he would have been down there, standing at the courthouse gate shouting out, "MICHAEL IS INNOCENT!"

Now you see where we are all coming from over here at ~MJIB~! 

You are free now--reclaim the airwaves, James. ..continue to be our Inspiration!!