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 Hello, I am staying strong and hanging on, keeping the F.A.I.T.H. The leaves are turning a crimson gold and the winds are weaving through the emerald trees. Temperatures are dropping and the rains are sweeping through, winter is around the corner, I'm still here. Not much has changed am really tired but am continuing this journey I have been given, always keeping in mind Michael's examples of L.O.V.E., caring and giving to others, here is a SMILE for everyone, pass it on, it may be the only thing someone else gets today to let them know someone else cares! Much L.O.V.E., God Bless, Annya



Hi!! Was so glad to hear from you, it seems many are in difficult situations!! Thank you for sharing. I do want to come to Seattle, just hesitant because I don't want to lose what little I do have, my truck. The areas I stay in my truck are not the best and I totally avoid one entirely, so many gangs and there are shootings everyday. Sadly the world dotes on the kind of publicity gangs and shootings are and everything Michael does for good the news has totally ignored!! I am very tired most of the time so just a place to lay my head works for me. I know what you mean, jobs are hard to find so I understand completely about not wanting to give up what you do have. I have F.A.I.T.H. God will take care of me but being human we all become a little afraid of not knowing what's in store.
The dr in Seattle has not seen me, only used for consult by cancer center here but do know experimental treatment is $200,000 a year and it is just experiment no guarantees, I also know they like to have children for volunteers for program also.
I have been thinking of going camping, (although staying in my trk is sort of) just to get away for a change.
The pain is bad today, somedays not so bad, others pretty awful. I still try to keep spirits up and I have not given up, just a little down today.
Myself I go to the library to use the computer so I do not always have access. I have more testing scheduled for Fri. breathing and pulmonary, my breathing is very shallow and I feel like I can't catch my breath and I am having problems swallowing, not just with food, just plain old swallowing so please keep me in your prayers as I will keep you in mine, God Bless, May we all follow Michael's wonderful examples and know as he does it is about how we treat one another, it is about the journey and L.O.V.E.!  Always, Annya
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Hi, I am very thankful it has been another day, one more than someone else had today! I am so thankful for so much and do not want to complain too much, there is always someone worse off than me. My hereditary disease is considered extinct! That is why there is not much out there for me as far as treatment etc. The drs are all fascinated of course, but I do not feel like being an experiment, maybe earlier on, not now. I am thinking of moving to  the Seattle area, there might be more things available, and there is one dr in Wa who has a little knowledge about it, and is in Seattle. I really suffer with the heat and cannot go out in the sun so it is too hot for me here. I will keep you posted as things progress. I have found out much as Michael has, everyone thinks things are terrible but sadly they feel it is up to someone else, not them, to make it right, or help. Is soo true, I am praying I be healed so it will be God's glory but also I beLIEve and have F.A.I.T.H. God has a plan for me, and maybe it is healing, so I can go on and make a foundation or something for people like me, who fall through the cracks, that programs don't cover. I am here, there must be others!! Bless Michael for all the wonderful things he has done for everyone, I play his music every night to go to sleep to, is so soothing, and meaningful. So much to be thankful for!! I hope your day has been good and remember SMILE, cause it will make someone else happy too!! Take care, God Bless, Annya



Annya Update:

Hello everyone!! Well tests went well with no complications, but too well, showed what they can eliminate asthma and allergies but not what's causing my breathing problems, have an appt later this week. The weather is really hard on me, is over 100 degrees where I am at, had a really hard restless night last night, played Michael's Ones over and over, so much comfort from his voice!! Someone suggested journal writing, only when one is so sick, any effort almost feels like too much, and my resources are limited on how to really get started to put it out there. Writing from the heart is the only way I know, just like Michael, always from the heart!! I sit at the park along the water alot, the heat waves dance across the white tips of waves, my favorite time is really early about 7:00-7:30 am, it's not too hot and the sun dances across the water like diamonds, birds sing and swoop, and all is peaceful with the world, if only for a moment...Thank you Michael and all those who care so much for others and me, letting me know I am not alone and there is L.O.V.E. of others who truly care!! What more could I ask? Keeping the F.A.I.T.H and all Michael is about! Always, Annya  


Pls pray for Our Annya!!

Hello Family!! I hope all are doing well and it is sunny where you are. I have a prayer request, I will have special testing pulmonary done on Fri morning very early, the initial test showed I should have this one, my breathing is very shallow and I feel like I can't catch my breath, and I am having trouble swallowing, not just food but anytime, so I gave my permission for this test. It is not without severe risks or complications but I beLIEve in miracles, I am praying for one and I ask you please join me in asking all goes well, and glory for God knowing His will is going to be done. I feel very peaceful and I pass this on to you, my family, my trust is in God as Michael put his trust always in God also, and know this is truly from being blessed by all of you. Will tell you how it went as soon as I can, you are all in my thoughts and prayers, may God bless each one of you, Take care, A.L.W.A.Y.S. Annya

Our Annya! 7.21.10

Hello All!! It is a beautiful day, blue skies with white cotton candy clouds today. I have found some peace and know it is from all the thoughts and prayers coming my way from all of you!! I will have mri and more tomorrow, I am very tired but very peaceful, music is so soothing and knowing all of you are there, sharing the examples Michael always has given is so inspiring and passing it on to others around us, that is what L.O.V.E. and F.A.I.T.H. is all about. Wishing and praying you all safe and well, and holding on strong to my new family, you. To each and every one the blessing of H.O.P.E and peacefulness!! Will keep you informed, Much L.O.V.E. always!! Annya


hey, Miss linda. Not been do too hot. I had some bad seizures this wek, I'm wearing a brace on my left leg, and walking with crutches. Going to doctor tommorrow and have a MRI did. The dent on the right side of my head has gotting deeper. keep me in your prayers!!!

Please pray for Gina in New Orleans!

  6.22.10  PLEASE PRAY for ANNYA!


Hi All!! Just had 1st surgery yesterday, minor one compared to one I will have at end of month, but still awful, you know how that is. It makes such a difference knowing all the prayers and thoughts headed my way!! I have massive infection, so yesterday had surgery to remove part of jawbone, had previously had part taken out but it didn't get it all, came back. Am in tremendous pain, but am staying strong, keeping the F.A.I.T.H.!! Brings tears to my eyes but joy to my heart knowing you are there for me!! I am truly Not Alone and I can say even through the pain the J.O.Y. by Michael's example, has made me strong and passing on his caring examples is what life is about!! Keeping Michael's music on 24/7!!God Bless All!! Much L.O.V.E., Annya

Hi, seems like I just cannot beat this thing, a few good days then bam!! I am feeling like I can't breath tonight,

trying not to get panicky and take it slow, but truly I am scared, just may end up in hospital tonight, ugh!!

Am praying and keeping the F.A.I.T.H., please keep prayers coming, don't want to do the drama thing, but am feeling really bad tonight and lonely.

Seems when one is hurting being physically alone makes it worse, I always feel kinda big eyed, I am a silent sufferer except for here. I am glad I can share, it makes all the difference, really, truly, I am trying to hold on.

Don't want to let go, have always tried hard to hang on, but this pain is so overwhelming. I thank all for prayers, healing, and encouraging thoughts coming my way, much, much, L.O.V.E. for all!!

My Russian heritage has been one of suffering for my family, all the Dr's are excited and thrilled to find me, have had mtDNA, DNA, and bone marrow biopsy, they all thought my disease was extinct! Ha, fooled them, they want me to volunteer for a study, but I feel so awful, just "being" is becoming really hard!

 Don't feel much like an enigma, just hang in there for me, will try to write again tomorrow, so noone will worry but may not get it done.

Must go now, hey my phone # is ### , can't take alot of calls, can't afford it, don't have an intl call plan so please don't give out my number for general use, but please leave a message if I can't answer, k?

A.L.W.A.Y.S with GREAT L.O.V.E.!!!




Hi!!! Just a quick update, am scheduled for surgery in about two weeks, am asking all to pray for me. As the ongoing issue does not look good, I do look forward to hearing from you and am keeping the faith-stayin brave like Michael, and of course wearing my bracelet..beLIEve the best will happen, and I continue to know helping others is what it is all about!! Take care, Annya
For My Dear Annya,

I am sorry to hear about your illness, and please forgive me as I do not use "twitter" and in doing so, I am not able to follow up on your health. Having experienced the fact that someone very close to me 9 years ago battled with an extreme illness, I can only imagine how you must feel. I must say that by reading your words that you have such a positive attitude and that you are a true believer in a "higher power." I can sense that you have a very generous and uplifting soul who has been determined all your life to help others become more like the friends that you have made here on this site. Knowing that you have us a family, I am pretty sure that that helps you feel some comfort through out all of your days. I do beLIEve and I have seen miracles happen!! Michael is truly an inspiration to many of us and I am so happy to hear that when you feel down and in pain that his music, his soft spoken voice and the memories of his continuous and generous actions, help provide you with the strength and COURAGE to carry on and move forward. All of my prayers and thoughts are with you and may God always be with you. Along with my note, I am sending "positive" energy and vibes your way.
With L.O.V.E,
Thank you, thank you, so much!! Yes, just knowing everyone is there praying for me helps so much!! The inspiration of Michael's voice, words and examples keeps me going!! Have had another hard day but knowing everyone is there for me makes such a difference. Thank you Michael, and everyone, DON'T LET GO OF MY HAND!!! I Will continue on, I can feel prayers and strength coming my way, just knowing I am not Alone means so much, much L.O.V.E., God bless, Annya
Thank you so MUCH!! For prayers, thoughts, it means so much to me!! Let's continue being inspired by Michael's words and actions!! God bless you, much love, Annyahank you so much everyone for emails, prayers and thoughts!! Just had another dr appt today, he's sayin surgery in about 6 weeks, my infection levels are very high so he wants that to calm down, I continue to pray and I am hanging in there, it is soo good to know everyone is there for me!! I can't say I don't get down sometimes, pain is a terrible thing to deal with. Worse than that is when friends abandon you because you're ill, not something you can help, that part is harder to deal with than the illness! Thank you everyone for being here for me!! I truly am using Michael's inspiration, look at everything he has been put through, and innocent the whole time! It is not understandable why some people say really unkind things about me, like I am not really sick, I am faking it, etc. I don't understand why they do that, but I do know I would never wish this on anyone. I am stayin close to those who really do care, like you!! At this point, please DON'T LET GO OF MY HAND!!! Just knowing you are there keeps me hanging on. Stayin strong, beLIEve, and faith to see this through, thanks to all of you and __!! Much L.O.V.E. God Bless, Annya

Hello!! Yes, it is a better day!! Had to let you know, all the prayers helped so much, it was well, M.A.G.I.C. and of course God's power and the inspiration we all get from Michael!!! It is hard to beL.I.E.ve such a difference today!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am hanging in there, I can go on and it makes all the difference having the support of others. I usually feel so isolated and that can be so lonely because of my illness, my world has changed and yes a big smile today!! God bless, take care, A.L.W.A.Y.S.!!! Annya


No updates from Annya yet.   

PLEASE PRAY FOR ANNYA IN WA. USA! SHE IS IN EXCESSIVE PAIN TODAY!!!! 6.10.10!!! Have been to dr and am having awful, painful, day but it should be better. Just trying to get through this day and H.O.P.E. tomorrow will be better, I know the sun will shine and the moon will rise, maybe the moonlight will bring some calm. Prayers are always welcome and I know they do make a difference, when I think I can't go on, I put Michael's music on and it lifts my spirits and gets me through. I beLIEve in tomorrow being a better day and will try to let you know how it goes, much L.O.V.E. and thanks, it means soo much, God Bless, Annya 
Hi!! Just stopping by, am a little down today, try to stay positive but hey alot to deal with!! Have not taken MJ bracelet off and it is very reassuring, and the encouragement and L.O.V.E. from email means so much, the pain is getting almost unbearable and I have to worry about where I will be staying, but we all need to remember it is not about things, it is about L.O.V.E. for others, how much we can give and care, is what life is all about. The things that happen to Michael should be an example we use, even though others are not kind to us we need to have the strength  he used to O.V.E.R.come and O.V.E.R.stand the true meaning of our example to others, many never O.V.E.R.stand and never give, they are the ones who truly miss out on life, and never feel the L.O.V.E. and joy of giving that Michael has. Bless you!! Much love, Annya 

  I do want to thank you so much for making Brandon’s Heal The World Bracelet smaller!  We received it and it fits great!  He was very happy and put it on right away and said that maybe wearing it will help to heal his back As mentioned in Twitter..we are following the story of a dear fan of MJ's who is facing a terminal illness..but we don't beLIEve "anything is terminal because anything is possible!"



The following form has been submitted from your website mjinnocencebracelets:

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01 - QUESTIONS For ~MJIB~Co.? (Family-Safe) = Hello, First I would like to say how very much Michael has always meant to me and how wonderful he is for his feeling for the whole world!! My mother was brought to America as a child from Russia, she saw her whole family executed before her eyes and because she was the only survivor I have always felt alone, but Michael was always there, his faith and caring truly does make the world a better place!! Thank you to him and his family. My question is this, I only receive $300. total to live on a month, is there anyway I can make pymts to purchase a bracelet? I am terminally ill, I have a hereditary blood disorder and I first met Michael when we were very young and he has always been there for me, he is still here for me! ! So Much Love, Annya prin_rush1@yahoo.com

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Hello!! Thank you so much, I am speechless for your compassion!! I have always loved Michael since we first met when we were young, and even now you are reaching out to me, you have no idea how much this means to me!!

I will be looking forward to receiving my bracelet, thank you so much, it is still hard for me to talk about my terminal illness but I will consider it, I have much the same as Michael, alot of pain, have to wear masks if I go out, I am still very much dealing with it all, but your compassion has helped me so much, God bless you! Annya


Thank you so much, have received bracelet and it is all that I thought and more!! Am wearing it, and will not take it off!! I L.O.V.E. it!! I can not begin to tell you how much this means to me, really!! It has lifted my spirits tremendously. Thank you I also looked at the websites you sent, yes I wear different clothing sometimes too, always have, always will. Medical is the same, but I am hanging in there, keeping the faith. I beLIEve in sometimes you have to just take things as they come, even if it means moment by moment, have Michael constantly on for music, if he does that for me, I can do this for him!! Look at everything he has been through!! Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, will keep you posted, I continue to try to OVERstand things and ask you keep me in your prayers as you are always in mine!!

 God bless you, A

Hi!!! Just a quick update, am scheduled for surgery in about two weeks, am asking all to pray for me. As the ongoing issue does not look good, I do look forward to hearing from you and am keeping the faith-stayin brave like Michael, and of course wearing my bracelet..beLIEve the best will happen, and I continue to know helping others is what it is all about!! Take care, Annya

How wonderful for you to want to phone me!! The answer is yes and no, it depends, I would love for you to call me, but if the call is from outside the U.S. it would cost me too much I am afraid. My phone doesn't have intl calling, and because of my limited income I wouldn't beable to afford it, also my address has now changed. Where I was staying the people could not deal with my terminal diagnosis, even though I continue to beLIEve for the best. .# Even just a note at this time would be so appreciated. I have found people can't deal with death issues easily and so I find myself abandoned pretty much. It can be a very lonely place, I try to OVERstand their thinking but much like what Michael has gone through, people are too afraid how it will affect them instead of looking beyond and recognizing another's need is greater, not so much for material things, but just knowing someone cares. Caring is what it is all supposed to be about!! Thank you so much, God bless you!! Annya

Because so many of you practically live on ~MJIB~Co., we decided to create a "How Are You Clinic"!

Come in here when you are feeling sad or need someone to talk to..just fill out the form and press Submit. Someone  at ~MJIB~Co. will email you back!

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God bless.





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If you are in Heaven Michael I want to go
too, to reunite with you l and with my first Son. This life is to empty
for me and every day is harder to live like this. My life stop long time
ago, I live because I don't believe I have the right to stop my own
life, I don't want to take the chances that if hell exist to be burn
enternally, I have enough hell in this cruel world. I hung up trying to
be fine with the ones who love me, my family, specially my three years
grandaughter and my second son, I love them so much.
I miss you Michael I miss my son, he passed in 1995 when he was 21 years
old. He loved you too. Music was his life, he was very talented and sing
beautifuly, and wrote his own songs, he had a dream to sing on stage
surounding with children. He was so much like you, loved people, loved
children and loved life, and animals. He cared for humanity and earth,
he was always worried about the inviroment. I know he is in Heaven
because he had a golden heart as yours. Michael, if you are alived
please tell us, your fans the ones that beLIEve on you and you are
alive, Im so sure we wont tell media or any one who hurt you, we love
you so much we won't do anything to harm you, I'm so sure of that. See
Michael, I didn't see your body telling us you passed, so many things
are not matching wiht you "dead" so why should we believe media, you
told us not leasing them. I have the feeling something very wrong
happened to you that's why you fake your dead, I don't know for sure
what it was. But in my heart doesn't feel you gone. See I saw my son not
breathing I know he is in a better place with God and that gives me
comfort and I know he will wait for me when my time comes. But you
Michael, what about you? We didn't see your body, we don't see your name
where you supposed to be burried. All this is extremally confusing and
painful and I feel that you Michael should tell us that you are alive to
end this pain that we live with every day for nine month. I'm sorry if
I'm selfish asking you this, but every day this pain is harder and been
ancertain what is happining to you is not easy to handle. 

I admired you since I was 12 years old, I born same year as you. So you
can see is a life time and is not easy to stop thinking of you, just
because nine month passed.
Dear Michael don't forget the love I feel for you. With my heart and

01 -  = Merry Christmas to all, even to Mj himself, as I have a feeling
he can hear me no matter where his blessed soul may be at this very
moment! All day long I have also thought about his children and what
type of gifts Michael would have given them today. I have also prayed
for them today that they were able to get through this day okay with
their family in the sense that I hope they have kept some of Michael's
traditions for his kids on this special day. Michael loved this holiday
as it represents the best time of year to show, share and to express to
others how much you love them! To Paris, Prince Michael I and Blanket my
thoughts and prayers are always with you through this Holiday Season as
well as a wish for a very Happy New year. And to Michael, as I know you
can hear me somehow and in someway in Heaven, please know that I
personally send you a wish for a peaceful, joyous and one of the most
extrodinary Christmas's ever with a new year in which you will be
blessed beyond any inamanaginable way! I love you with all of my heart!
i have been a little sad today. It should be a special day and happy for
one too but I cant seem to enjoy it. Thinking of all the troubles in the
world, all the very sad children and upset humans in general. I am
missing michael so much! fell guilty having ( quite normal things ) and
others having nothing.how can we be happy and enjoy with all this wrong
doing going on everywhere?Thank you for letting me get this off my

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Subject:   Re: Fwd: Michael's children
Date:   Fri, 25 Dec 2009 08:51:53 -0800

Dear Kendal,
Merry Christmas!
Please rest assured that Mrs. Katherine will see that  Michael's "lil'angels" will have a lovely Christmas.
You have a fun day too, dear.

We are proud to be perhaps the only online store that gives custom prices and packages with uncompromised personalized service. After all, why not? You are MJJ's Royalty! ********************************* Canadian MJJ Office.(4evr) >> ******************************************** C O N F I D E N T I A L I T Y This email contains confidential information. It is for the intended recipient only. It may contain information that is privileged and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, please notify the author by replying to this email immediately and delete the message from your computer. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, distribute, copy, print or rely on this e-mail. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, this email does not constitute a legal or formal offer or acceptance of an offer.

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Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 20:48:44 -0800

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Date: Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 11:34 AM
Subject: Michael's children

Hi there-

It has been awhile since I have sent anything. I saw where Michael’s children spent Thanksgiving with their grandfather. I hope they had a fun time. I have been really worried about Michael’s children over Christmas. I am wondering how they are going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I hope it is not with their grandfather. I would really love them to experience it with someone who knows how to celebrate Christmas. Maybe someone like “Aunt Liz.” I am afraid if they do not celebrate the holiday like they did with their father for the past 12 years, it may be extremely hard for them around Christmas ever again. Do you know where they will be spending Christmas? It really breaks my heart if they will not be celebrating it. I am so worried.


I am waiting anxiously for you to get back with me.


Theres days i feel sad but i try to take one day at a time. I
look at my braclet of mj majesty and think of mjj. I listen to his music
every day in my jeep as i am drivien. When i was little my dad wouldnt
let me go to his concert. I try to buy shirts, pures. It be nice 2 have
a autogragh picture of mjj. All the products on the computer sold are so
high. Always in my heart and mind....I dont care what others
thank...Take one day at a time and breath....thanks 4 yalls web
Hello there. So Ive been horribly depressed with another strange
feeling Ive never had before. It's some kind of overwhelming uneasiness
that keeps me awake at night. I know others feel the same way I do about
MJ and what has happened but....its like I cant rest until ive found
peace with it. Ive never been affected like this by anything, though I
have lost important people in my life. He meant more than I can explain.
I am very spiritual and I do believe I will meet him someday, but this
odd feeling.....do i sound crazy? Thank you for listening. Bless you.

i feel sad now coz the result of me SPEAK test is not yet
here...it is the only hope i have right now to be able to do what's in
my heart...help children of the world...i am anxiously waiting for
it...pleease pray for me that i will pass the said test....