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Happy Birthday to a Wonderful person!!!!  
I am having a hard time trying to find the right words to express to you 
how I feel and I hope that you can just “feel” what I can not seem to 
You are in my heart and thoughts today and everyday!
God Bless YOU,


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Darling, I know you are still here..I want you to take your time and rest well, ok?

I love you, through it all, ok?


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I've always dreamed I could be apart of there magic.


I wrote earlier I would
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About the Archamgel Michael

St Michael is considered in many Christian circles as the patron saint of the warrior. Perhaps his most singular honor was given to him in 1950 when Pope Pius XII (r. 1939-1958) named him patron of policemen.  Police officers and soldiers, particularly paratroopers, paramedics and othere emergency workers regard him as their patron saint.
It was Michael's fight with Samael (with the devil in Assumption of Moses, x.) which gave rise to the well-known legend of Michael and the dragon. This legend is not found in Jewish sources except insofar as Samael or Satan is called in the Kabbalah "the primitive serpent".
It would have been natural to St. Michael, the champion of the Jewish people, to be the champion also of Christians, giving victory in war to his clients. The early Christians, however, regarded some of the martyrs as their military patrons (example: St. George); and to St. Michael they gave the care of their sick. At the place where he was first venerated, in Phrygia, his prestige as angelic healer obscured his interposition in military affairs. Michael is reputed to have caused a healing spring to flow in the first century at Colossae, and his churches were frequently visited by the sick and lame.
The Catholic Church honors Michael with four main titles or offices. He is the Christian angel of death, carrying the souls of all the deceased to heaven, where they are weighed in his perfectly balanced scales. At the hour of death, Michael descends and gives each soul the chance to redeem itself before passing, thus consternating the devil and his minions. Michael is guardian of the Church. Last, he is the supreme enemy of Satan and the fallen angels.
In Latter-day Saint theology, Michael lived this mortal life as the patriarch Adam. Michael and Adam are regarded as the same individual; Adam being his mortal name and Michael being his pre-mortal/post-mortal name. Thus, all of the descendents of Adam are the earthly descendents of Michael.
Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus and the Archangel Michael are the same being. They believe that Jesus/Michael was the first being created by Jehovah and through whom he made the universe, the angels and mankind. In this pre-human existence he was known as the Word of God. He later took human form as Jesus and led a life without sin. After his death on a torture stake, Jesus was resurrected in his previous spiritual form.
In Islamic tradition Michael always appears as second to Gabriel. Michael, or Mikhail, is also believed to be the angel associated with the delivery of blessings.  In Islam, it is popularly believed that there are countless angels. Therefore, it is also popularly believed that the named angels are the head of departments; i.e. Michael is the chief angel of blessings.
Some Esotericists associate Michael with the color Red, the direction South and the element Fire. However, in the Kabbalistic work, the Bahir, states that Michael is in fact attributed to the element Water.
In other forms of mytsicism, Michael is said to be the spirit of the planet Mercury or the Sun. He is ruler over Sunday and Thursday. He is the alchemy of motivation, activation and achievement. He is said to be bringer of the gift of patience, and the angel of careers, courage, achievements, ambitions, motivation, and life tasks. Michael's candle colors are orange, white and gold. His color energies are orange, violet, white, crystal, gold, and brown.

MJJ Bio:


MJJ Biography:


On August 29, 1958 Michael Joe Jackson was born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson in Gary, Indiana. He was the seventh of nine children. Katherine and Joseph's other children are Maureen "Rebbie" Jackson, Sigmund "Jackie" Jackson, Toriano "Tito" Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Steven "Randy" Jackson and Janet Jackson.

Michael Jackson began his musical career at the age of five as the lead singer of the Jackson 5. The group played local clubs and bars around Indiana and the Eastern USA. In 1968 Bobby Taylor of the music group “The Vancouvers” and Gladys Knight discovered the young group of singers. Very soon after that the group was signed to Motown Records and groomed for stardom by Berry Gordy and Suzanne DePasse.

The Jackson 5 and their family moved to Southern California where they soon became national stars when their first four singles, "ABC,” "I Want You Back,” "The Love You Save,” and "I'll Be There" became number one hits.
No other debut artist or group placed their first four singles at the top of the charts.
The Jackson 5 performed all over the world and sold almost 100 million albums worldwide.

Unfortunately, the hits stopped coming from the young group from Gary, Indiana at their label Motown. During that time Motown was heavily concentrating on their film division and many groups felt stagnant because of the lack of direction and control from the label. Fearing for his sons’ careers, father-manager Joseph Jackson took the Jackson 5 to Las Vegas in the mid seventies and created a family act at the MGM Grand Hotel to excellent reviews. The Las Vegas Show was tailored into a hit summer replacement show on network television that lasted two seasons.

Despite the success in Vegas and the Variety Show on CBS, the group felt that the lack of hits at Motown was damaging their careers. During the Motown era, The Jackson 5 made 14 albums and a multitude of top 40 hits.
But the group, citing the need for artistic freedom, left Motown Records in 1976.
Jermaine Jackson decided to stay with Motown Records with his father-in-law Barry Gordy that caused a temporary rift in the Jackson family. The Jackson 5 had incorporated their younger brother Randy Jackson into the act who became Jermaine Jackson's official replacement.

Unfortunately, lawsuits and copyright issues forced The Jackson 5 to relinquish their stage name. When they signed with Epic, the sister company of Columbia Records, The Jackson 5 became The Jacksons. The newly named Jacksons were a very successful group finally getting what they were denied at Motown, artistic control. The Jacksons made six albums between 1976 and 1984 and toured constantly to promote their albums globally.

Michael Jackson became an actor in the mid seventies when he won the role of the Scarecrow in “The Wiz.” The big budget feature also starred Diana Ross and was directed by Sidney Lumet. Michael Jackson moved to New York for the filming was a staple at “Studio 54” at the height of Disco culture.

The film, The Wiz opened with much fanfare, unfortunately had mixed reviews and was a financial disappointment at the box office. However, the film's musical director was Quincy Jones who produced a top 40 hit song from the film, “Ease On Down the Road”—a duet between Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.
A partnership was born when Jackson asked Jones to produce his album and Jones accepted. The album was called “Off The Wall” and was released in 1979. The album was an international smash with four top ten singles. Two of the singles, “Don't Stop Til You Get Enough” and “Rock With You” reached number one. The album went on to sell an astonishing eleven million copies worldwide.

Nothing prepared the world for the “Thriller” phenomenon. Released on December 1st of 1982, record industry pundits predicted the album would sell two million copies. The first single, “The Girl is Mine" -- a duet with Paul McCartney was well received but criticized for being too popish. However, Billie Jean was a smash hit.

The video for the song became the first video featuring an African American performer to be played on MTV. Another key moment came when Motown 25 was produced. Suzanne DePasse asked Michael and his brothers to perform on the seminal broadcast. Michael Jackson asked for a solo spot where he performed his hit single Billie Jean. The night of the broadcast an estimated fifty million people watched Michael Jackson perform. After that night, the “Thriller” album ceased to be an impulse buy for the consumer, but a staple that everyone had to have. Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones created a pop culture phenomenon. Michael Jackson became a musical and celebrity icon.

“Thriller” released seven top ten singles. “Beat It," the video and number one song was one of the most played videos on MTV until the “Thriller” video. The “Thriller” video cost nearly a million dollars to make and boasted filmmaker John Landis as director. The video was almost 15 minutes in length. This was the first video that networks like MTV and Showtime had to pay for the honor of broadcasting it and it was the first video of its kind to be sold in stores with documentary footage–“The Making of Thriller.”

After all was said and done, “Thriller” became the biggest selling album of all times. Jackson won an astonishing eight Grammy Awards -- a feat that has only recently been tied.

As of this writing, some reports have “Thriller” approaching the 120 million-unit mark.

The years between 1984 and 1986 proved to be fruitful for Michael Jackson.
He reunited with his brothers and recorded the album, “Victory.” The Jacksons toured the United States with the Victory Tour and Michael Jackson gave his proceeds to charity. In 1984, Jackson purchased the ATV catalog for forty-seven million dollars.
Under the guidance of Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie wrote an international anthem with the release of the song, “'We Are The World” which was performed by 44 of the world's most popular recording artists. "We Are The World" single and album raised funds for the charity “USA For Africa” raising money and worldwide awareness for famine in East Africa.

Michael then teamed up with George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola for the production of the 3-D movie “Captain EO” for Disneyland. The thirty-minute film, which ended its run in 1998, was the most expensive short film ever produced at twenty-seven million dollars.

In 1987, Jackson released his third solo album, “Bad” with a Martin Scorsese directed short film. Bad went on to have five number one singles and spawned an eighteen-month tour, which grossed more than two hundred million dollars.
After his world tour, Jackson wrote his memoirs with an assist from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis called “Moonwalker.” Michael Jackson ended the 1980s by being named MTV's “Artist of The Decade.”

In the beginning of the 1990s Michael Jackson signed what was called the largest contract with a recording label in history. However, scandal and tabloid gossip threatened to derail his career. In 1991 Michael recorded his fourth solo album, 'Dangerous'.
He supported the album with a tour that took him to Eastern Europe for the first time. Jackson performed his first live concert for world audiences from Bucharest Romania. During this time he launched his own charity, “Heal the World Foundation” that was dedicated to improving the lives of children and the environment around the world.
Jackson's career was interrupted by unfounded allegations of misconduct with a minor.
He was never charged but the investigation caused a firestorm of adverse publicity and media intrusion into the life of a celebrity that had never happened before.

Jackson interrupted his tour to go into seclusion after it was announced that he had a dependency to pain killers resulting from an accident filming a Pepsi commercial. Michael Jackson came back to the United States and ended the media firestorm by settling with his accuser without admitting guilt. Thus ended a dark period in the entertainer's life.

However, the media firestorm returned in full force when Michael Jackson eloped with Lisa Marie Presley in a secret ceremony in the Dominican Republic in 1994.

In 1995, Michael Jackson released his greatest hits’ album, HIStory that contained 15 original songs. The first single, "Scream" -- a duet with his superstar sister Janet Jackson -- debut at number five making it the first single to ever debut that high.

The next single that Michael Jackson released from the History album was You Are Not Alone, which debuted at number 1 making Jackson the first artist to debut at the top of the charts in America. During this time, Jackson's marriage to Lisa Marie Presley ended before he embarked on his HIStory tour in 1996. On November 14, 1996, Michael married Debbie Rowe and their first child "Prince" Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., was born on February 13, 1997.

Michael Jackson released the HIStory remix album, "Blood On the Dance Floor" in 1997.

To support the album, Jackson produced the short film Ghosts that played to theaters all over the world before it became a home video in the European and Asian markets.

Following his world tour, Michael and his 2nd wife Debbie Rowe had another child April 3, 1998, named Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. The Jackson's ended their marriage in October 1999.

In 2001, Jackson celebrated his thirty years of solo stardom with sold out performances at Madison Square Garden. The television special drew forty-five million viewers. In October of 2001, Michael Jackson released his seventh solo album, Invincible, an album that debut at number one in more than fourteen countries.

Unfortunately, due to record industry politics, the album was abandoned in mid 2002 after the hit single Butterflies. Fans from around the world protested Michael Jackson's treatment by his label. Many demonstrations were organized around the world, with several websites posting information regarding the maneuverings of Sony's mishandling of the Invincible Project.

As for Jackson, he hired several high-powered attorneys to look into possibly suing Sony for breach of contract regarding royalty and other mismanagement issues. Jackson went on the offensive publicly denouncing Sony Music Head, Tommy Mottola as racist and a devil, which caused a firestorm of publicity and increased media scrutiny regarding his alliance with the Reverend Al Sharpton and his music initiative for economic justice for minority recording industry artists.

Even throughout the new round of negative publicity regarding the war with his label, Jackson was still able to expand his artistic and business endeavors. Michael Jackson took a cameo role in Men In Black II and created a massive buzz with audience and industry pundits alike about his potential in film. He created Neverland Films with MDP, an independent film company based in Canada. And the Sony/ATV catalog bought the Acuff/Rose catalog, perhaps the premiere country music publishing catalog in the world.

Unfortunately, a new round of negative publicity surrounded Jackson in late 2002. Michael Jackson teamed with Martin Bashir to do a documentary and interview about his life. Bashir and his television crew filmed Jackson for almost a year with the purpose of piercing the preconceived images the world press had formed about the reclusive superstar.

Bashir was with Jackson in Germany for The Bambi Awards when crowds of fans congregated at the hotel where Michael Jackson was staying with his children. Jackson showed the crowd his youngest son (Born March 2002) from the balcony of his suite. The incident was caught on tape by the media, which dubbed Jackson's mistake as the "baby dangling" escapade. Jackson apologized for his behavior, however many pundits questioned his ability as a father and whether he should even have custody of his children.

Bashir exploited this angle in his documentary which aired in January and February of 2003.

Jackson fought back with his own documentary which showed video footage of Bashir's manipulative conduct with Jackson. Bashir was showered with criticism based on his deceptive journalistic practices by the world press.

The rest of 2003 was a whirlwind of appearances and awards.

Jackson produced a television special featuring his home movies which was a ratings success. He also received the Key to the City by the Mayor of Gary, Indiana. He received the Key to the City of Las Vegas from the Mayor of Las Vegas later in 2003.

In August 2003, Michael Jackson won the BMI Urban Awards for the song Butterflies. He also celebrated his birthday with his fans in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater.

Michael Jackson threw a charity event for the organization Oneness at his Neverland Valley Ranch. Later, Oneness presented Michael Jackson with the Power of Oneness Award that September.

In October, Michael attended the Radio Music Awards where he received their Humanitarian Award. He also finally released the video and single "What More Can I Give" at the show, the proceeds going to several charities.

Michael Jackson and Sony Records released the compilation CD: Number Ones in November 2003. Jackson had released the single, "One More Chance" and the song was having major success on all major charts around the world.

On the album scheduled release date, while Michael Jackson was in Las Vegas, Nevada filming the video for "One More Chance," Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department raided Michael Jackson's Neverland Estate. Michael Jackson subsequently was arrested and charged with Child Abuse.

Jackson vehemently denies these current allegations and maintains his complete innocence.

His fans throughout the world held candlelight vigils in support and prayer for his well being.

Michael was proven NOT GUILTY of all charges 6-13-05!

Michael Jackson's career has spanned almost four decades earning him millions of fans across the globe and an iconic place in pop culture as well as legendary status in music history. He set the bar for music video production values, and his tireless pursuit of perfection in the recording studio has influenced a whole generation of artists and dancers seeking to emulate his music and his dancing.

Michael Jackson has become more than an entertainer, he is a part of our cultural heritage and he will continue to blaze a trail in music that others can only hope to follow. His musical contribution and legacy will never be challenged or forgotten.



The World Adores You, Michael!

From Michael.. (date & source unknown)

post Jan 15 2007, 11:22 PM

Last Friday night I joined Rabbi Shmuley, his family, and their guests for the Sabbath dinner at their home. What I found especially moving was when Shmuley and his wife placed their hands on the heads of their young children, and blessed them to grow to be like Abraham and Sarah, which I understand is an ancient Jewish tradition. This led me to reminisce about my own childhood, and what the Sabbath meant to me growing up.

When people see the television appearances I made when I was a little boy--8 or 9 years old and just starting off my lifelong music career--they see a little boy with a big smile. They assume that this little boy is smiling because he is joyous, that he is singing his heart out because he is happy, and that he is dancing with an energy that never quits because he is carefree.

But while singing and dancing were, and undoubtedly remain, some of my greatest joys, at that time what I wanted more than anything else were the two things that make childhood the most wondrous years of life, namely, playtime and a feeling of freedom. The public at large has yet to really understand the pressures of childhood celebrity, which, while exciting, always exacts a very heavy price.

More than anything, I wished to be a normal little boy. I wanted to build tree houses and go to roller-skating parties. But very early on, this became impossible. I had to accept that my childhood would be different than most others. But that’s what always made me wonder what an ordinary childhood would be like.

There was one day a week, however, that I was able to escape the stages of Hollywood and the crowds of the concert hall. That day was the Sabbath. In all religions, the Sabbath is a day that allows and requires the faithful to step away from the everyday and focus on the exceptional. I learned something about the Jewish Sabbath in particular early on from Rose, and my friend Shmuley further clarified for me how, on the Jewish Sabbath, the everyday life tasks of cooking dinner, grocery shopping, and mowing the lawn are forbidden so that humanity may make the ordinary extraordinary and the natural miraculous. Even things like shopping or turning on lights are forbidden. On this day, the Sabbath, everyone in the world gets to stop being ordinary.

But what I wanted more than anything was to be ordinary. So, in my world, the Sabbath was the day I was able to step away from my unique life and glimpse the everyday.

Sundays were my day for "Pioneering," the term used for the missionary work that Jehovah’s Witnesses do. We would spend the day in the suburbs of Southern California, going door to door or making the rounds of a shopping mall, distributing our Watchtower magazine. I continued my pioneering work for years and years after my career had been launched.

Up to 1991, the time of my Dangerous tour, I would don my disguise of fat suit, wig, beard, and glasses and head off to live in the land of everyday America, visiting shopping plazas and tract homes in the suburbs. I loved to set foot in all those houses and catch sight of the shag rugs and La-Z-Boy armchairs with kids playing Monopoly and grandmas baby-sitting and all those wonderfully ordinary and, to me, magical scenes of life. Many, I know, would argue that these things seem like no big deal. But to me they were positively fascinating.

The funny thing is, no adults ever suspected who this strange bearded man was. But the children, with their extra intuition, knew right away. Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, I would find myself trailed by eight or nine children by my second round of the shopping mall. They would follow and whisper and giggle, but they wouldn't reveal my secret to their parents. They were my little aides. Hey, maybe you bought a magazine from me. Now you’re wondering, right?

Sundays were sacred for two other reasons as I was growing up. They were both the day that I attended church and the day that I spent rehearsing my hardest. This may seem against the idea of "rest on the Sabbath," but it was the most sacred way I could spend my time: developing the talents that God gave me. The best way I can imagine to show my thanks is to make the very most of the gift that God gave me.

Church was a treat in its own right. It was again a chance for me to be "normal." The church elders treated me the same as they treated everyone else. And they never became annoyed on the days that the back of the church filled with reporters who had discovered my whereabouts. They tried to welcome them in. After all, even reporters are the children of God.

When I was young, my whole family attended church together in Indiana. As we grew older, this became difficult, and my remarkable and truly saintly mother would sometimes end up there on her own. When circumstances made it increasingly complex for me to attend, I was comforted by the belief that God exists in my heart, and in music and in beauty, not only in a building. But I still miss the sense of community that I felt there--I miss the friends and the people who treated me like I was simply one of them. Simply human. Sharing a day with God.

When I became a father, my whole sense of God and the Sabbath was redefined. When I look into the eyes of my son, Prince, and daughter, Paris, I see miracles and I see beauty. Every single day becomes the Sabbath. Having children allows me to enter this magical and holy world every moment of every day. I see God through my children. I speak to God through my children. I am humbled for the blessings He has given me.

There have been times in my life when I, like everyone, has had to wonder about God’s existence. When Prince smiles, when Paris giggles, I have no doubts. Children are God's gift to us. No--they are more than that--they are the very form of God's energy and creativity and love. He is to be found in their innocence, experienced in their playfulness.

My most precious days as a child were those Sundays when I was able to be free. That is what the Sabbath has always been for me. A day of freedom. Now I find this freedom and magic every day in my role as a father.

Michael, We Love You.


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Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, USA. The day was Friday, August 29th 1958. From a very early age, it seems all he's ever done is break records in the music industry.

  In 1965 Michael and four of his brothers formed their first band, the Jackson Five. Three years later, 1968, they had their first record deal with the label "Steeltown". The brothers only recorded one, not very successful, album for the firm. Most radio stations refused to play any of their songs. In 1969 they signed with Motown Records in a move that would be the first step to catapulting Michael and the Jackson brothers to mega-stardom. A frenzy of recording, touring, recording, touring and then some more recording began. The Jackson brothers gained success and international recognition in exchange for their childhood. They broke record after record, and with Michael's even then powerful and very emotional vocals there seemed to be no end to their success.

  Through the years however, the family band felt more and more restricted by their contract with Motown. They wanted to write and produce their own music, which their contract did not allow them to do. The Jackson Five released 14 albums at Motown and it was time for a change. In 1972 Michael started recording and releasing solo material for Motown with considerable success. Probably the biggest hit was the ballad "Ben" - a soundtrack for a 1973 movie. In 1976 they left Motown, signed with Epic Records and changed their name to The Jacksons. Jermaine Jackson who was married to the daughter of Motown boss Berry Gordy, decided to leave the band and stay with Motown. Still working with The Jacksons, Michael also continued to work on his own material. A key meeting happened during the filming of the musical movie "The Wiz" in which Michael played the scarecrow. The famous producer Quincy Jones, who was producing the film, agreed to make an album with Michael. They put their heads together and Michael brought in some demos as Quincy brought in some great songwriters.

  The result? The 1979 album "Off The Wall". One of the most surprising albums and a huge step for Michael Jackson as a recording artist, who with this album made it clear that he's not just the front man for The Jacksons. He is an artist in his own right and he's different! It is no wonder that so many people see Off The Wall as Michael's first true solo album. Michael wrote 3 of the 10 songs by himself. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Working Day & Night and Get On The Floor. Listening to the home demos that Michael recorded with his brother Randy and his sister Janet, at his home shows, you see that those who say Quincy Jones "made" Michael Jackson couldn't be more wrong. In the demos that you hear in the Special Edition of Off The Wall and Thriller you can see clearly that the basic song was finished before it even reached Quincy's ears. What happened then was a polishing and perfecting of the basic idea. And that is something that Quincy Jones knew how to do like no other. Surprisingly the album was virtually ignored when it came to awards, but its sales speak for themselves. Off The Wall sold around 20 million copies world-wide. Among other high-lights, there's a duet with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney called "Girlfriend." Michael broke the record for most hit singles off of one album and the world was eager to see what would happen next. Could Michael Jackson continue on the road too success? Could he top Off The Wall? He could! Late 1982 saw the release of a new Michael Jackson album called "Thriller".

  Another collaboration with Quincy Jones producing with Michael Jackson Thriller was like an atomic explosion. It sold fast and more than any other album not only too date, but it remains the all time best selling album. By Christmas of 1982, the 10 million mark was breached. The track list of Thriller reads like a who is who of the chart toppers in the early eighties. Again Michael broke the record for most hit singles off of one album. The top singles were Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', The Girl Is Mine (duet with Paul McCartney), Beat It, Thriller, Billie Jean, Pyt and Human nature. Seven of the nine tracks on the album were released as singles and all were very big hits. In an ironic opposite of the Off The Wall era, Michael receives a huge amount of recognition for the album including a record breaking 8 Grammies, plus one for the E.T. Story Book and many, many other awards. March 5, 1983 sees the release of Billie Jean, probably the best known Michael Jackson song ever. The second single off the Thriller album, it tops the charts for seven weeks. March 25, 1983 is a date that became one of the most important in Michael Jackson's career. On this day, Michael, after reluctantly agreeing to do the show, performed at Motown 25 Yesterday, Today, Forever. To any Michael Jackson fan this is one of the most important shows ever. Not only because it features a great performance of The Jacksons, but because on that day, for the first time ever, Michael Jackson did the moonwalk. At "Motown 25" Michael Jackson became a living legend. Nobody had ever seen anything like it on TV before. This gravity-defying dance move mystified everyone who saw it. Then the now famous Michael Jackson spin and the standing on his toes it all came together into something that nobody could explain or give justice. The greatest performers from Sammy Davis Jr to Fred Astair all agreed: This Michael Jackson would continue what they once started and make it bigger and bigger. The magic, the wonder, the entertainment. Michael seemed to be able to do no wrong. And all the while the Thriller album sold on and on and on.

  Because of the success of the Thriller album, Michael found himself in a whole new position in many ways. For example, the then little known music channel MTV refused to play any videos featuring black artists. After some pushing and shoving, on March 31 1983 MTV premiered the "Beat It" video. With all the elaborate choreography and even a story rather than just chaotic random shots of the artist, as was common in music videos at the time, Beat It became a preview to what would enter the history books as THE music video. Thriller. Written by British Rod Temperton, the album title track needed something special as a video, Michael thought. He called legendary director John Landis (Blues Brothers, American Werewolf In Paris, etc.) and together they made a 14 minute short horror film around the song Thriller. The movie was partially financed by Michael himself because nobody had ever made such an elaborate and long video before and CBS (later to become Sony Music), the record label that Michael was with, refused to finance the whole project. "Making Michael Jackson's Thriller" was then released on VHS and became the best selling music video of all time. What follows is what is often referred to as Michael's golden times. He rose higher and higher far above the road to success. Sales of the Thriller album to date are said to be around 60 million. It is still by far the best selling album of all time.

Michael went on to do one last tour ("Victory Tour") with his brothers in 1984 before The Jacksons officially split as a band. Michael donated all of the money he earned on that tour to charity as one of many charitable events and other such efforts that Michael has continued to this day. It is no secret that throughout his career, Michael Jackson has always been at the forefront of charitable activities. Some highlights of his charity work can be found at his official web site MJJSource.com.

  In 1985 when Britain's best known stars rallied around Bob Geldof in aid of the Ethiopian starvation crisis to create "Band Aid" and eventually "Live Aid" the USA did not stand by and watch. Michael Jackson wrote a song with the legendary song writer and performer Lionel Richie called "We Are The World". A who-is-who of American recording artists gathered round Jackson and recorded this anthem that, to this day stands as a symbol for charity and giving all around the world. The single We Are The World became one of the fastest selling singles of all time and huge amounts of money were donated under the project "USA for Africa".

  After receiving a star on the Hollywood walk of fame Michael Jackson retreated to the studio to produce another album. This time the pressure was immense. Thriller was already a legend, how could he possibly live up to that? Be that as it may, in 1987 Michael Jackson delivered. The album: Bad. The sales: Good? Better than good! To this day it has sold 30 million copies, making it Michael's second entry in the top five list of the best selling albums of all time with Thriller still standing firm as the number one. The track listing of Bad reads like a hit list of the charts in 1987, 1988 and 1989.

  Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Liberian Girl, Smooth Criminal, Dirty Diana, Leave Me Alone rolled off the shelf as Michael continued to set trend after trend such as Leave Me Alone which was only included on the CD version of the album, not the MC or LP to help boost the use of the, then, new media that was the compact disk. Great videos, nothing new there. The biggest and most ever number one hits on one album, Michael was getting used to breaking records. And just like that he also went on to do a two-year world tour that broke record after record. It is, to this day, regarded by many fans as Michael's best tour with his performance level at it's peak. Nobody had ever seen a mammoth tour like that before. A bigger stage than anyone else, more concert goers than anyone else, best equipment, more personnel, Michael Jackson seemed unstoppable. But even as he triumphed on his world tour, the papers at home and abroad began an assault on Michael that would last for years. Speculation about his nose, his skin, his sexuality and slowly but surely a trend developed. The media concentrated less and less on Michael's musical contributions in favor of the much more profitable stature of portraying him as a weirdo with strange habits and ideas. In a reaction to that Michael seemed to become more and more of a recluse. No matter what he said in public it was turned and mixed around to mean something else. So he stopped talking and let the music do the talking for him.

  "Dangerous". The first single, Black or White, with one of the most elaborate and expensive videos ever, started what would be the world's biggest promotion campaign for one of the most underrated albums of the nineties. Michael said about Dangerous that he wanted to create something like Beethoven did so that people would still listen to it in a thousand years. The depth of artistry, production and outstanding song-writing skills on Dangerous are something to behold and of course, it had the usual amount of number one hits and fantastic videos. While the press continued their assault on Michael Jackson they remained unaware of a fantastic musical contribution that would influence the world of popular music for years to come as Dangerous sales rise over 30 million copies. Again records were broken as another world tour followed but this time something was different. In 1993 a scandal unraveled that would throw the world of Michael Jackson into turmoil. The family of a boy who spent a lot of time in Neverland, Michael's 2000 acre ranch, first blackmailed Michael and then tried to pursue a civil case against him. No evidence was found, no charges brought and no arrests made. The case was terminated when the family accepted a pay-off through one of Michael's insurance policies with the thought that this bought peace. Everyone asked "If he's innocent, why did he pay?" yet nobody seemed to wonder "If he did that to the boy, why did the family take the money?" Once the scandal started to die down with some media outlets starting their own investigations with amazing results such as the GQ article "Was Michael Jackson Framed?", Michael started to move on. Michael married Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie and released his next album on a double CD set "HIStory, Past, Present & Future - Book 1". It featured some ground breaking music and the released hit singles once again broke records and boundaries. Disk one of the set was a collection of some of Jackson's best known hits and disk two was 14 new songs plus "Come Together", the cover version of a Beatles song that he originally recorded for the Moonwalker movie which Jackson released in 1989.

  Funny enough, "Scream" the first single off the HIStory album entered the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 5. Something that previously only one other act had managed to do. The Beatles. The next single, You Are Not Alone did one better. It entered the Hot 100 at number one. Another single, another hit, another record. Neither scandal nor controversy could over-shadow the music. HIStory sold roughly 18 million copies. That's 36 million disks. What followed was one more ground-breaking world tour. Michael again broke records, brought in new material and songs from the new album and proved more versatile, entertaining and interesting than ever before. He proved that at the age of almost 40 he could still "cut it". He was still the man, the King of Pop!

  During the tour which took place between 1996 and 1998 Michael Jackson released a long awaited mini-movie called "Ghosts". A horror story with fantastic music and choreography. The usual, sensational Michael Jackson. When you think you've seen it all, he just does something that blows your mind again - that's how a close friend described him. He also released a remix album: "Blood On The Dance Floor - HIStory In The Mix". It featured 5 new songs, two of which featured in Ghosts and 8 remixes of songs from the HIStory album. It became one of the biggest selling remix albums ever with world wide sales reaching beyond 6 million. And then the sound of silence. Even the fans scrambled to find out what was going on. The Internet revolutionized the world and the recording artists ability to interact with their fans and yet, Michael Jackson's official site had not been updated for years.

  What the world didn't know was that there was a battle going on between Michael and the boss of the record company that Michael had signed with. The company? Sony Music. The boss? Tommy Mottola. Things were said and egos flew. In the end Michael stayed and Motolla was let go. During the ongoing battle Michael produced an album of new music and in the midst of tapes being stolen from the recording studio and leaked to radio stations, and the whole album being put on Sony's official web site to "listen to", there was no promotion. Things looked bad for the 2001 release called "Invincible". Michael starred in only one rushed video for the single "You Rock My World" with another video, "Cry" being made without Michael in it. In spite of all the tactics to stop Michael from being successful, Invincible sold around 10 million copies world wide. And then, when everyone thought that things were starting to pick up again, with Tommy Mottola gone and a new greatest hits album on the way - the bomb. In the week that saw the release of "Number Ones", Michael's greatest hits CD, in November 2003, Michael's home was searched and he was arrested and set free on bail. It was 1993 all over again. Only this time Michael is fighting and the court eventually declared what his fans knew all along. Michael was and is innocent. Even in the midst of these troubling times Number Ones has managed to sell around 7 million copies worldwide and Michael released a 5 disc boxed set - especially for his fans. The Box set, called "The Ultimate Collection" featuring his greatest hits (both solo and with his brothers) as well as previously unreleased songs and new material like the fantastic anti-war and anti-suffering anthem "We've Had Enough". It's proof that no matter what happens next, Michael Jackson is a force to be reckoned with, King, now and forever.


SOURCE: MJJdiscussion.com

~Michael's Amazing Awards~

2004 Humanitarian Award (Washington, DC.) presented to Michael Jackson from the African Ambassadors' Spouses Association honoring his work fighting AIDS. (April 1)

2003 Key To The City: Gary, Indiana Michael Jackson honored with the Key To The City by the mayor of Gary (June 11)

BMI Urban Awards Best song: 'Butterflies' (Miami, Florida) (Marsha Ambrosius, SPZ Music Inc., Michael Jackson, Epic Records) (Aug. 5)

Key to the City: Las Vegas Awarded by the Mayor of Las Vegas (Art of Music Store) (Oct. 25)

Power Of Oneness Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award

Radio Music Awards Humanitarian Award. Michael is the first-ever recipient of this award. (Oct. 27)

2002 American Music Awards: Artist Of The Century Award (Jan. 9)

Bambi Awards (Berlin, Germany) Pop Artist of the Millenium

Billboard Awards: Special Billboard Award: Commemorating the 20th anniversary of Thriller.

Celebrate the Magic Foundation: 1st Magical Life Award: Michael Jackson honored for making the world a better place, standing up for children and humanity (Inaugural and 1st ever award for Michael Jackson) (Announced March 20, presented May 1)

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Award: Michael Jackson was presented with the 30th Anniversary Award by its designer, Nijel, who already designed the Top Selling Artist Of The Decade Award in 1990.

MTV Video Music Awards: Artist Of The Millennium

NAACP Image Awards: Outstanding Music Video: 'You Rock My World' Outstanding Variety Series/Special: 30th Anniversary Celebration Outstanding Performance in a Variety Series/Special: 30th Anniversary (Feb. 27)

NRJ Awards: (Cannes, France) Best International Male Singer Award (Jan. 19)

Songwriters Hall of Fame Michael Jackson is inducted into the Songwriters Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his achievements as a songwriter. (Michael was already inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997 as a member of the Jackson 5 and in 2001 as s solo artist) (June).

World Awards (Vienna, Austria) World Arts Award 2002 - Michael Jackson was honored for his peace and tolerance efforts around the world.

2001 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame: (March 19) Michael Jackson is inducted as a solo artist

2000 World Music Awards Best Selling Pop Male Artist of the Millennium

1999 Ebony Magazine One of the 100 most important black people of the 20th century

Entertainment Weekly Eighth Greatest Entertainer of the Past 50 years

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Michael's album "HIStory" (released in 1995) has been certified Platinum 7 times in the USA

Entertainment Weekly Poll Best Solo Artist (Modern) - #1. Michael Jackson (with 25.90% of the votes) Best Group (Classic) - #2. The Jackson 5 (with 13.57% of the votes) Most Underrated Artist or Group - #2. Michael Jackson (with 17.125 of the votes) Best Modern Album - #1. "Thriller" - Michael Jackson (with 23.43% of the votes) Best Song (Modern) - #2. "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson (with 16.11% of the votes) Best Music Video - #1. "Thriller" - Michael Jackson (with 25.11% of the votes)

Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Michael in South Africa by Namibian Premier Hage Geingob.

Diamond Award For U.S sales of 10 million for an individual album or single (Michael was the youngest male artist to qualify for the award)

CD-First Internet Poll Greatest Pop Artist of the 90's

Bollywood Awards World Humanity Award

Internet Worldwide Top 100 Male Stars # 1 Male Star < P> CNN Internet Poll Best Music Video Of All Time - Thriller

80 Classics of the 80's Poll - Dutch Music Channel (TMF) #1 Song - Thriller

1998 VH1 poll # 1 greatest video of all time - Thriller

Puls Denmark Music TV Program Viewer (Vote) Best foreign male singer(1997) Best Show of the Year (1997)

Bravo Magazine Awards Silver Otto Award

Mix (Danish) Magazine readers' (Vote) Best Event - Michael Jackson Concert at Parken Stadium Best Foreign Male Singer 2nd Best Dressed Singer Best Singer 3rd Best Foreign Album - "Blood on the Dance Floor"

Billboard "Hot 100" Singles Chart Most #1 Hits by Male Artist (13)

1997 Bob Fosse Award Best Choreography in a Music Video - "Ghosts"

Bravo Magazine Awards Silver Otto Award Best Album, "HIStory" Best Show 3rd Best Looking Singer

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Jackson 5 inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall

Popcorn Magazine Awards Favorite Male Vocalist

Brazilian TVZ Video Awards Best International Video of the Year - "Blood On The Dance Floor"

Dutch Music Factory Awards Best Male Singer Best Live Act

Live! Magazine (readers' poll) Most Memorable Male Performer Legend of Live Entertainment

1996 World Music Awards (Michael won a record 5 awards) Best Selling Artist ever Best Selling Record of All Time (Thriller) Best Selling Male Artist of 1996 Best Selling American Artist Best Selling R&B Artist

American Music Awards (Michael received 3 nominations) Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist of the Year

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (Michael received 2 nominations) Favorite Pop Male award (HIStory)

Grammy Awards (Michael received 4 nominations) Best Music Video (short form)- Scream

Irish Music Awards Best International Male Artist Award - HIStory

Brit Awards Artist of a Generation Award

Le Film Fantastique -French Film Awards Best Video Award - Earth Song

Danish Grammy Awards Best International Male Artist Best International Album - HIStory

Genesis Awards 1995 Doris Day Music Award (Award given to musical animal-sensitive work) - Earth Song video

Bravo Magazine Golden Otto Award Platinum Otto Award - Lifetime Achievement Award (Michael is the first artist to recieve this award) Best Album - HIStory Best Male Singer Nicest Singer Best Show

Hong Kong Hit Radio Best International Male Artist Best Song of the Year - You Are Not Alone

1995 MTV Video Music Awards (Michael received 11 nominations) Best Dance Video - Scream Best Choreography - Scream Best Art Direction - Scream

Popcorn Magazine Artist of the Decade Award Best Male Vocalist of the Year

BET Hall of Fame Award Michael is the first recipient of the BET Hall of Fame Award

Billboard Music Awards Special Hot 100 Award

Billboard Music Video Awards Pop/Rock Video of the Year - Scream

Bravo Magazine Golden Otto Award

Brazilian TVZ Video Awards Best International Video of the Year - Scream

European MTV Music Awards Best Male Artist of the Year

Poprocky Magazine Favorite Male Vocalist of the Year

Smash Hits Poll Best Male Artist award

1994 Children's Choice Awards Caring For Kids Award

Crenshaw Community Youth And Arts Foundation Humanitarian Award

MTV Movie Awards Best Song in a movie - Will You Be There

Smash Hits Awards Best Male Vocalist

Pop Rock Magazine Favorite Singer of The Year

Bravo Magazine Gold Otto Award

Cable Ace Awards Outstanding Musical Special - HBO special, and Dangerous concert from Bucharest

1993 Guinness Book Of World Records Lifetime Achievement Award

Soul Train Awards 1993 Humanitarian Of The Year Award Best R&B Single - Remember The Time Best R&B Album - Dangerous

World Music Awards World's Best Selling Pop Artist Best Selling American Artist World's Best Selling Artist Of The Era

NAACP Image Awards 25th Silver Anniversary Entertainer Of The Year Award Outstanding Music Video - Black or White

Echo Awards Best International Artist of the Year

Grammy Awards Living Legend Award

American Music Awards Best Pop/Rock Album - Dangerous Best Soul/R&B Single - Remember The Time Special International Artist Award for record sales and humanitarian efforts around the world

Bravo Magazine Gold Otto Award

BMI Award Most Performed Songs of The Year - Black or White, Remember The Time

1992 Billboard Music Award 1992 World Artist Award - #1 World single Black or White, #1 World album Dangerous Commemoration of 10th anniversary of Thriller (Biggest selling album of all time).

National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Lifetime Achievement Award

Operation One To One Award

Bravo Magazine Gold Otto Award

National Honor Of Merit Award

Point Of Light Ambassador (Given by: George Bush, President of U.S.A)

1991 Music Video Producers' Hall of Fame Thriller Video

MTV Awards Video Vanguard Award renamed to the "Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award"

1990 Music Connection Man Of The Decade

Sony Entertainment Top Selling Artist Of The Decade

Soul Train Awards Artist Of The Decade

American Cinema Awards Entertainer Of The Decade

BMI Inaugural First Michael Jackson Award Of Achievement

Boy Scouts Of America Good Scout Humanitarian

Capital Children Museum Humanitarian Award

Grammy Awards Best Video - Leave Me Alone

Vanity Fair Most Popular Artist In The History Of Show Business

White House Recognition Artist Of The Decade (Recognized by President George Bush)

1989 Entertainment Tonight Most Important Entertainer Of The Decade

World Music Awards Hall Of Fame Lifetime Achievement In Video Viewers Choice #1 Video - Dirty Diana

British TV Industry Awards Artist Of The Decade

British Phonographic Industry Awards Video Of The Year

British Academy Of Music Awards Best International Male Artist

Critic's Choice Award Best Video

Entertainment Tonight Most Important Entertainer Of The Decade

Friday Night Videos Greatest Artist Of The Decade Number One Artist

American Dance Award

American Music Awards Special Award Of Achievement

Billboard Awards Number One Black Artist #1 Album-Pop/R&B - Bad

Bravo Magazine Bronze Otto Award

BRE Awards Triple Crown Award - King Of Pop, Rock and Soul Video Of The Year

TV Show (U.K) Goodbye To The 80's Award

Vanity Fair Artist Of The Decade

Video Software Dealer Association Favorite Music Video - Moonwalker

Soul Train Awards 1st Annual Sammy Davis Jr. Award Heritage Award R&B Contemporary

National Urban Coalition Humanitarian Award

Gardner Street Elementary School Most Famous Alumnus Renamed School Auditorium to Michael Jackson

MTV Awards Video Vanguard Award The Greatest Video In The History Of The World - Thriller

People's Choice Awards Favorite Music Video - Smooth Criminal

Rolling Stone Magazine Video Of The Decade - Thriller

Cashbox Video Pioneer

BET Award For The Success Of the "Bad" Tour

Forbes #1 Entertainer Of The Year

1988 New York Times Best Seller List # 1 Best Seller - "Moonwalker", Autobiography by Michael Jackson

Soul Train R&B Album Of The Year - Bad Best Male Single Of The Year

United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Frederick D. Patterson Award Honorary Doctor Of Humane Letters Degree from Fisk University

NAACP Image Awards Leonard Carter Humanitarian Award Best Male Artist - Bad Single Best Album - Bad

Billboard Awards Top Black Artist Outstanding Artist Of The Year Best Live Show Of 1988 Blues & Soul

Wembley Stadium Record Braeking Seven Sell Out Shows

Ebony Magazine American Black Achievement Award

Forbes #1 Entertainer Of The Year

Bravo Magazine Gold Otto Award

Cable Ace Awards Outstanding Editing in a Musical Special - Motown on Showtime: Michael Jackson, the Legend Continues

Guild Hall Party Presentation Of Sword To Commemorate the "Bad" Tour

MTV Vanguard Award Outstanding Contribution To Music Video Production

American Music Awards Favorite Single - Soul/R&B

1987 Sweden Best Vocal Artist of 1987 - "Aftanbladet" Readers' Poll

Bravo Magazine Silver Otto Award

1986 Guinness Book of World Records Largest Ever Endorsement For Product Promotion - $15 million for Pepsi

Grammy Awards Record Of The Year - We Are The World Song Of The Year - We Are The World Best Pop Performance By Duo Or Group - We Are The World Best Music Video Short Form

American Music Awards Award Of Appreciation Song Of The Year - We Are The World

People's Choice Awards Favorite New Song - We Are The World

1985 poll - World Almanac and Book of Facts 1985 Voted "Hero of Young America"

Grammy Awards Best Home Video - The Making Of Thriller

1984 Guinness Book Of Records Best Selling Album Of All Time - Thriller

Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Grammy Awards Michael recieves a record breaking 12 nominations and a record breaking 8 Grammy awards - the most won by an artist in one year. Album Of The Year - Thriller Record Of The Year - Beat It Best Male Pop Performance Producer Of The Year (with Quincy Jones) - Thriller Best Male Rock Vocal Performance - Beat It Best Male R&B Vocal Performance - Billie Jean Best New R&B Song - Billie Jean Best Recording For Children - E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Album (narration by Michael Jackson)

Canadian Black Music Awards Top Male Vocalist Entertainer of the Year Top International Album - Thriller Top International Single - Billie Jean

American Music Awards Special Award Of Merit Favorite Album-Pop/Rock - Thriller Favorite Album-Soul/R&B - Thriller Favorite Male Vocalist - Soul/R&B Favorite Male Vocalist - Pop/Rock Favorite Single-Pop/Rock - Billie Jean Favorite Video-Pop/Rock - Beat It Favorite Video-Soul/R&B - Beat It

MTV Awards Viewers Choice Award - Thriller Best Overall Video - Thriller Best Choreography - Thriller

People's Choice Awards Best All Around Entertainer Of The Year Favorite Video of the Year - Thriller

Hotel Royal Plaza Presentation Casement - 37 Gold & Platinum Discs

Presidential Special Achievement Award (U.S) Presented at the White House by President Ronald Regan to Michael Jackson in recognition of his contribution to the nation's campaign against drunk driving - Michael's song "Beat It" was run in the ads

Presentation Casement Of Platinum Disc 1985 Presented in the U.K for the "Thriller" album

NARM Gift Of Music Award Best Selling Album - Thriller Best selling Single - Billie Jean Best Home Video - The Making Of Thriller

NAACP Image Awards H. Claude Hodson Medal Of Freedom

Ebony Magazine Award

Billboard Awards Top Album

American Video Awards Best Long Form Video Best Home Video

Crystal Globe Awards Exceeding Sales Past 5 Million

1983 Billboard Awards Pop Album of the Year - Thriller Pop Artist of the Year Black Album - Thriller Black Artist of the Year Pop Album Artist Pop Male Album Artist Pop Male Singles Artist Black Album Artist Black Singles Artist Pop Singles Artist Dance/Disco Artist Dance/Disco 12" LP - Billie Jean Dance/Disco 12" LP - Beat It

Rolling Stone Readers Poll - #1 Artist of the Year Readers Poll - #1 Soul Artist Readers Poll - #1 Video - Beat It Readers Poll - #1 Producer (with Quincy Jones) Critics Poll - #1 Artist of the Year Critics Poll - #1 Video - Beat It Critics Poll - #1 Male Vocalist Critics Poll - #1 Soul Artist

Black Gold Awards Top Male Vocalist Best Album - Thriller Best Single of the Year - Billie Jean Best Video Performance - Beat It

Billboard Video Awards Best Performance by a Male Artist Best Overall Video - Beat It Best Performance by a Male Artist Best Choreography - Beat It Best Use Of Video To Enhance Artist's Song - Beat It Best Use Of Video To Enhance Artist's Image - Beat It

Cashbox Number One Male Artist Top Black Male Artist Top Pop Album Top Black Album Top Male - Singles Artist Top Black Male - Singles Artist Top Pop Single - Billie Jean Top Black Single - Billie Jean

Album Of The Year - U.K, Japan, Australia, Holland Artist Of The Year - U.K, Italy, Japan International Artist Of The Year - Brazil Record Of The Year - Greece Best Male Vocalist - Japan Most Important Foreign Album - Spain Single Of The Year - Australia

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