OUR FOUNDER Posted The Following On An OUTSIDE Website Today..In Defence of HER CHERISHED HARD WORK !!!!!!!




I only post on a MJJ Forum once every few years, if even that!

I wanted to drop in personally today to let you know that OUR Office does keep an eye on all threads/ sites discussing My Personal Creations, the World Reknown MJINNOCENCEBRACELETS.

I want to tell you that Everything on OUR Family of Magical Websites is TRUE.

I forwarded Mr. Jackson many of My Own Designs over the Years ; the Most Recent being his #42. ~MJMajesty~, which he wore during the filming of This is It.

In 2009, I was Legally Signed on with Mr. Jackson's Group of Companies.

Now, I cannot elaborate any further on your Public Page.

Before you judge, walk a mile in OUR Shoes.

I invite you to join OUR Sites. We are still Sponsoring Children in Africa and every order now receives free surprise gifts.

God Bless You.

~MJIB~Co. Productions' Founder